Cleveland Clinic

Compelling, authentic, and emotionally engaging history in a video documentary format

“Better care of the sick, investigation into their problems and further education of those who serve:” That was the mission of Cleveland Clinic when it welcomed its first patients back in 1921. Since then, the Clinic has grown into a world-class medical center that provides cutting edge care to over 4.6 million patients per year, while performing outstanding research and education. 

In 2007, the Cleveland Clinic was growing still larger through a series of acquisitions. Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, a renowned heart surgeon and CEO and President of the Clinic, recognized that the institution’s history had profoundly shaped its mission and values. He wanted to ensure that those values were passed on to new employees as well as the wider public they served.

Winthrop set out to create an engaging film that would tell the story of the Clinic and its values as they had evolved over 80-odd years of extraordinary change in medicine and health care. Working with one of our longtime videography partners, we crafted a script that used still photographs, video footage, and other archival material to bring the story to life, along with artful narration and a stirring soundtrack to create an emotional bond with the audience. 

The result was “All for One,” a compelling 45-minute film that was broadcast on Cleveland’s local PBS station, with an abbreviated 10-minute version for screening at schools and for community groups. The film earned a 2008 International Silver Telly Award and a 2012 Emmy award for best documentary. 

The completed presentation can be seen here


April 2011

Medicine, Healthcare, and History: Past as Prologue

Once upon a time, we called it the art of medicine. Then we called it the science of medicine. Then we called it health care. Today we call it a mess. Arguably no public policy issue of our times stirs more impassioned, often embittered, sometimes irrational debate than this one. How did it happen that the ancient art of healing as it evolved into the citadel of biomedical science became so embattled?