Muhammad Ali Center

Survey, Inventory & Long Term Archival Planning

Muhammand and Yolanda Ali planned to donate the records, images, printed materials, and artifacts related to the boxer's career to the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky.  These resources would be used for exhibits, educational purposes, outreach initiatives, and staff and research use.  Surveying at the Ali's homes in Kentucky and Indiana, as well as the Ali's lawyers' offices in California, Winthrop identified well over 700 cubic feet of documentation and images, hundreds of films and videos, and more than 1,000 artifacts, the latter of which were photographed and cataloged.  These inventories and the catalog were used by our Skolnick partners for their planning and installation of exhibits at the Muhammad Ali Center.

Winthrop was called back to the Muhammad Ali Center nearly 10 years later for the purpose of developing a space plan and environmental and equipment specifications for the newly funded Library and Archives which was completed in 2012.