Selected Work

Our work takes many forms, from authoritative publications, documentaries, and digital presentations to innovative archival collections, exhibitions and digital asset management systems - all of it tailored to your needs.


Citi Center for Culture

In 2002, Winthrop started centralizing archival materials, cataloging them and making them available to executives, marketing personnel, researchers and employees. Today that has evolved into the Citi Center for Culture, which manages Citigroup's corporate archives and the company's fine art collection. Three Winthrop archivists still are amoung the staff that manages the archives.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Corporate Archives

A survey and recommendations report by Winthrop in 1995 led to dramatic changes in the Ford archives. A Winthrop team organized, cataloged and made available materials from all over the world, to Ford's marketing department and executives. Winthrop then aided in hiring a permanent staff and still maintains a presence on that staff.

Trinity School

Trinity School Archives

Since 2002, Winthrop personnel have been patiently and methodically developing the school archives. In 2007 Winthrop sent in a team after a fire damaged the archives. Today the archives supplies materials for classrooms, exhibit cases and a special section of the web-site used by administration, fund raisers, students and faculty, and the general public.