Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from our clients about the power of historical perspective. Here, in short blog posts, white papers, and external publications, we share some of those insights. From considered perspective on issues in such areas as corporate strategy, education, economic development, and health care, to more informal musings on the news of the day, we illustrate how history has brought us to where we are and shapes the choices yet to come.

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Publication ·
June 2016

Using the Past to Define our Future

How does Citi Center for Culture use the past to define their future?

Publication ·
March 2013

Why Good Leaders Don’t Need Charisma

When you read the business press, it’s easy to get the impression that all you need to do to make your company great is add a charismatic CEO. Find the next Steve Jobs, Jack Welch or Phil Knight and you’re halfway home.

Publication ·
December 2012

Your Company's History as a Leadership Tool

The authors, business historians at the Winthrop Group, argue that leaders with no patience for history are missing a vital truth: A sophisticated understanding of the past is one of the most powerful tools they have for shaping the future.

Publication ·
November 2012

HBR Lives Where Taylorism Died

Harvard Business Review editors go to work every day on articles they hope will make their mark on the history of management thinking.

Publication ·
April 2011

The Coming Age of Corporate Paternalism

In HBR and elsewhere, a number of authors have wrung their hands about the public legitimacy of business.

Publication ·
September 2010

Enduring Success

What We Can Learn from the History of Outstanding Corporations

Publication ·
May 2007

The Diamond of Sustainable Growth

A study of history yields important clues about what helps economies enjoy sustained economic growth