Using the Past to Define our Future
How does Citi Center for Culture use the past to define their future?

Based in New York City, the Citi Center for Culture was formed in 2009 as a knowledge center for Citi's history and culture. Founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, a local merchant bank, today Citi is a global bank with a philosophy of “progress informed by the past and inspired by the future.” As the custodian of Citi’s corporate archive, the Center for Culture supports this vision by preserving the bank’s records and connecting the past to the present. We provide access to the bank’s past and recent history to Citi’s 250,000 employees located in over 100 countries across over 17,000 lines of business. The Center, a corporate function, includes Heritage Services – an integrated team of The Winthrop Group and Citi archivists who manage Citi’s archive or Heritage Collection – and the Department of Fine Art, which manages the bank’s art collection. 

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