History as a differentiator

Brands are increasingly tapping into their rich histories as a differentiator in the market, with historians as its promoters.

Companies are increasingly recognizing brand heritage as an “information asset,” and are leveraging history for reasons also beyond marketing. Execs at Pendleton, Levi’s and Adidas all note being regularly tapped in regards to trademark issues and litigation matters, with the archives being one of their mightiest protectors. The archives at Pendleton are also used for succession planning and leadership transitions, as well as to support business performance analytics and help understand historical trends and implement strategic plans. Rich history “unites, inspires and educates personnel in the company’s heritage, affirms continuity, motivates people to embrace change and inspires pride,” concludes Richard Hobbs, Winthrop archivist and historian.

"Textile Insights" an on-line publication focused on the design and development of private label collections, interviewed Winthrop Archivist and Historian Richard Hobbs and other historians and archivists to illustrate that “Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of connecting and communicating,” (Colin Berg, brand historian for Eddie Bauer)  To connect with the entire article click here.

Photo Credits
1. An Eddie Bauer 1940 Skyliner Jacket [2] Carhartt Blanket
Lining [3] Carhartt Resident Archivist Dave J. Moore
[5] Pendleton’s Portland Collection [6] Historian Jared Wheeler at the Pro
Football Hall of Fame Garnering Inspiration for ‘47’s Golden Age
of Gridiron Collection [7] Levi’s Historian Tracey Panek with a
Pair of Patched 505 Jeans Circa 1967