The 'Supply Chain' Challenge

Winthrop Managing Director talks on the future supply of business archivists

For over 30 years, Linda Edgerly, a Winthrop Founding Partner & Managing Director, has been hiring and placing archivists in corporate and foundation archives.  Recently when, at its conference held in Atlanta, the International Council on Archives, Section on Business Archives wanted to fill a slot at the conference on the challenges of Business Archives, they turned to Linda.  She came up with a presentation on a subject matter that she has been concerned about for some time, “Business Archives: The ‘Supply Chain’ Challenge”.  To gather data, she conducted a survey of business archivists to determine their thoughts on the current status of the supply chain of new business archivists.  The presentation reviewed the results of that survey along with adding several conclusions, or what Linda would call observations, derived from the survey.

The reaction to and conversation following the presentation caught the attention of the Society of Americans Archivists, Business Archives Section.  So they asked Linda to repeat the presentation at the SAA National Convention, also in Atlanta.  So a second trip to Atlanta followed and here is a copy of that presentation.