Winthrop introduces The Family Story

The Winthrop Group announces a landmark program to examine the histories of families and individuals.

 Highly customized, The Family Story program builds on Winthrop's experience supporting high net worth families and individuals to discover, preserve, and learn from their own histories.

To drive this program, Winthrop welcomes Senior Consultant and family history expert, Heidi Druckemiller. Ms. Druckemiller was formerly Senior Vice President and Senior Historian at Wells Fargo, where she led numerous family history projects. At Winthrop, she joins a team with deep experience working on projects, such as:

  • For a family facing generational change, history instilled in younger members a sense of continuity, preparing them for their own opportunities and inherited responsibilities.
  • For an entrepreneurial family, ancestral stories contextualized previous innovations and adaptations, inspiring new investments and initiatives. 
  • For a family whose ancestor's contributions were unjustly overshadowed, a biography allowed family members to appreciate past achievements and increased public awareness of a significant industrial pioneer.
  • For a family-owned and operated enterprise, shared history improved communications, interpersonal dynamics, and governance. Family stories reinforced the loyalties and values that hold the family together.

"What makes Winthrop unique in developing useful histories for families is our client experience," said Winthrop Group Founding Director and Business historian at the NYU Stern School of Business George David Smith. "For 35 years, we have developed an approach that incorporates top historical and archival standards for audiences to create projects in a variety of formats, from commercial, scholarly, and museum-quality bespoke book publishing to videos and interactive digital platforms that are particularly relevant for next-gen family members."

"Well-functioning families will always be important to civilization," Dr. Smith added. "We believe that they deserve high-quality historical services that can have the same, if not more, value as other professional services, such as investment strategies or legal advice."