Christian Stadler

Christian Stadler


Winthrop Highlights

  • Consultant, 2010-Present


  • University of Innsbruck, Ph.D. History

About Christian

Christian, a Winthrop consultant, is Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School. His current research focuses on how firms can achieve sustainable competitive advantage through strategies of learning and innovation as well as diversification. Formerly a Visiting Scholar at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, he has published several books and articles, including, most recently, Enduring Success: What We Can Learn from the History of Outstanding Corporations.  For more on Christian’s work, visit his website:


March 2013

Why Good Leaders Don’t Need Charisma

When you read the business press, it’s easy to get the impression that all you need to do to make your company great is add a charismatic CEO. Find the next Steve Jobs, Jack Welch or Phil Knight and you’re halfway home.

September 2010

Enduring Success

What We Can Learn from the History of Outstanding Corporations