Marcelo Bucheli

Marcelo Bucheli

Senior Consultant

Winthrop Highlights

Senior Consultant, 2016


Stanford, PhD History
Unversidad de los Andes (Colombia), BS and MA Economics

About Marcelo

Marcelo Bucheli conducts research on the political strategies of multinational corporations in developing countries.  Marcelo teaches international business and business history at the College of Business at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), USA. He was the Newcomen Fellow in Business History at Harvard Business School (2004-2005), where he taught at the MBA program, the John Dunning Fellow in International Business at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK (2014-2016), and a visiting professor at the École Polytechnique (Paris). He is the author of Bananas and Business: United Fruit Company in Colombia, 1899-2000 (New York University Press, 2005) and co-editor of Organizations in Time (Oxford University Press, 2014) with Dan Wadhwani.  He has written dozens of articles in management and history journals (including several award winning ones) as well as articles for practitioners in Harvard Business Review.