9 ate 7 Productions

Digital Archiving System

When starting production on the first season of Peg + Cat, the creative team's plan was to implement a strong digital archive system, one that carefully cataloged every asset created for the show.  But because of budget restrictions it was decided to due without.  Halfway through the season though, the team found themselves struggling to locate assets, recreating files that already existed, and wasting valuable time and resources.

Moving into production on the second season, it was a hugh priority to correct this.  A digital archivst from Winthrop instantly understood the problem and carefully mapped out a thoughtful plan that would catalogue all pre-existing files, and organize all future assets.  Within a few weeks Winthrop had captured descriptive metadata for thousands of backgrounds, props, character files and effects.

Now the digital archive is used on an hourly basis and spans multiple departments.  Production team members use it when creating lists for new stories, when gathering new elements for ancillary projects and when searching for specific reusable files.  Without a doubt, the fully functioning digital archive helped streamline production.