Atlantic Philanthropies

Archives Survey, Planning, Implementation, Digital Assets Cataloging, Records Retention

Winthrop’s initial work for Atlantic Philanthropies included a ‘long distance’ survey of records in nine locations and preparation of recommendations for an archives program. To accomplish the survey, the Winthrop team prepared a packet for distribution to staff members in New York, Ireland, Bermuda, South Africa, Vietnam and elsewhere, developed forms and instructions and provided telephone support to ensure completion. Offices reported holdings ranging from 900 linear feet of records to less than 20 linear feet. The data was used to compile site-specific findings about the records and develop records-keeping and disposition practices and recommendations for the phased implementation of an archives program. The work resulted in several projects, including development of a documentation strategy for managing the historic resources and a schedule for the work, followed by implementation of the archives program. Documents were transferred to an archives workroom in New York where they were classified, rehoused and described in an archives database. The implementation phase also involved appraisal of born-digital records to identify those appropriate for archival retention and metadata capture in the Archives database.