Assessment of Historical Records and Implementation

Nine years in advance of its 2012 bicentennial year, Citigroup engaged Winthrop to undertake an evaluation of its 19th and 20th century records stored in several locations, including the Corporate Secretary’s “old” vault and in off- site facilities. The objectives included a) identifying records having archival significance, b) gathering information needed to plan and establish a professionally managed archives program, c) determining priorities for processing, digitization, and cataloging of the extant archives needed for what would become a bicentennial-related communications and outreach effort. Winthrop’s plan resulted in the establishment of Citi’s Archives (now Heritage Services) which are responsible for growing collections of conventional and digital assets and reference and research services.

Leading up to the Bicentennial and continuing today three Winthrop  archivists have managed the archival resources and staffed the Archives program. They have implemented professional standards and practices to develop the collections, ensure appropriate access controls, and along with other services have

  • provided access to documentation, information, and numerous images required for an authoritative illustrated book and web-based Bicentennial timeline used in all of Citi’s markets.
  • assisted in development of site-specific exhibits.
  • responded to hundreds of internal and external reference and research requests.
  • fact-checked press releases, speeches, and presentations for senior management
  • protected Citi’s intellectual property rights.
  • supported approved scholarly research and development of case studies.