Pendleton Woolen Mills

A Winthrop client since 1990, Pendleton finds new ways to leverage its archival resources.

An iconic brand and a family-owned company, Pendleton Woolen Mills wanted to take advantage of its rich heritage to support key functions such as public relations, advertising, sales, employee education, and product design. Winthrop conducted a feasibility study to determine whether Pendleton’s surviving archival material was adequate to serve these purposes and, if so, what kind of archival program would meet the company’s needs. From that single study came a relationship that has lasted nearly a quarter century.

Today, Winthrop manages a vibrant archival program at Pendleton. In addition to collecting and processing a steady stream of new material, we conduct oral history interviews and provide reference and research services. The archives finds a variety of enthusiastic users, including senior management, fabric and garment design teams, advertising and retail staff and consultants, and, on a restricted basis, outside researchers and scholars.