Peter Brooke (Advent International)

When a pioneer in private equity had an idea for an unusual book, he turned to Winthrop.

Peter Brooke wanted to reflect on his distinguished career as a basis for a wholesale reappraisal of the industry. To strike this delicate balance, he engaged Winthrop. The result was A Vision for Venture Capital: Realizing the Promise of Global Venture Capital & Private Equity (University Press of New England). Nicknamed “the Johnny Appleseed of venture capital” for his role in catalyzing the growth of venture capital, first in Boston and then around the world, Brooke argues that venture capital and private equity are essential elements of economic growth and development.

More than a business autobiography, A Vision for Venture Capital offers a fresh look at the history of private equity and how it can fulfill its potential in the 21st century. “Venture capital today is at last emerging as a truly global industry,” writes Josh Learner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. “This evolution validates Peter Brooke's vision of many decades ago, and his pioneering efforts in this arena. This book provides a fascinating retrospective of Peter’s career, as well as a variety of insights about the likely evolution of the global venture industry.”