John T. Landry

John T. Landry

Senior Consultant

Winthrop Highlights

  • Senior Consultant, 2010-Present


  • Brown University, Ph.D. History
  • University of Chicago, B.A. Humanities

About John

John Landry, a senior consultant with The Winthrop Group, has more than 20 years of experience as a historian, business writer, and editor, including 13 years as an editor at Harvard Business Review. He has written or edited scores of articles, blog posts and books, and has worked closely with CEOs and other senior executives to select and develop their ideas for publication. Landry, who has a Ph.D. in economic history from Brown University, is the author of a confidential history of a global management consulting firm and the co-author of two books: Mylan: 50 Years of Unconventional Success (with John Seaman) and From the Rivers: The Origins and Growth of the New England Electric System (with Jeffrey Cruikshank).


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