Winthrop helps you draw critical insights from your past experience, laying the foundation for distinctive strategies and capabilities.

Today’s business environment can seem unprecedented in the scale, scope, and pace of change. In fact, others have walked down similar paths before, and we can profit from their experience. As Mark Twain put it: “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” And it is precisely in the rhyming that we begin to recognize the true nature of our problems and the questions we need to pose in order to progress.

At Winthrop, we offer a range of consulting services—from case studies, culture audits, and white papers to brand histories, family advisory services, and compact “master narratives”™—designed to help you draw critical insights from your unique experience and lay the foundation for distinctive strategies and solutions that competitors find hard to match. 

Strategy. We show you how past decisions and events, whether in your organization, your industry, or the wider economy, continue to shape the choices you make today, helping you to recognize the true nature of your problems and the questions you need to pose in order to progress.

Organizational culture. We help you articulate and reinforce core values, heal cultural rifts, drive change without losing the essence of who you are as an organization, and motivate people to overcome challenges by making them feel a part of something larger than themselves.

Brand heritage. We show you the real story of your brand, rooted in the language, imagery, and experience that combine to make it distinctive, enabling you to bring an authentic identity to the marketplace.

Post-merger integration. We help you leverage the experience of two predecessor firms to build new, shared values and develop the social cohesion and strong corporate culture that is the basis of real synergies and shareholder value.

Succession planning. What does a new executive, director, or trustee need to know about the institution he or she inherits? Whether you want to build on past achievements or take the organization in a new direction, we help you understand that legacy and how it drives issues such as strategy, compliance, and risk management.

Family governance and wealth management. For families and family firms preparing for generational change, we use your family history to capture illuminating stories, codify enduring values, and cultivate an ethic of stewardship, helping you to sustain wealth and purpose across generations.

Featured Work

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Leading Private Equity Firm

Past performance does not guarantee future results, but as Winthrop demonstrated, it can be a powerful guide
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Fortune 500 Company

Winthrop helped one CEO heal a bitter rift and build the strong corporate culture he needed to take the company forward
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Winthrop helped a founder cement his legacy, while giving his successors the tools they needed to build on it.